Speed School Review: Taylor Scully

I began attending The Speed School at age 15, with only one dream and goal in mind, a Division 1 College Volleyball scholarship. In the beginning I would dread heading down to Dean Street to see Coach Joe because I knew the next two hours would be the hardest of my life. Although, after just a couple of short weeks I was hooked. My life had changed for good, because The Speed School became a way of life. The passion that Joe puts in to his work as well as his athletes inspired me and made me crave to keep coming back in for another workout and another chance to improve myself.  After spending two summers at The Speed School, I committed to a Division 1 program in New York, Niagara University. I know that without The Speed School and Coach Joe this opportunity would never have been possible. Becoming a part of this place, this family, is something that I will cherish throughout the rest of my life and I could never thank Joe or The Speed School enough. SS4L!

Nolan OwenComment