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Speed School Pro Performance

A 4-8 week program designed for specific athletes looking to ramp up their game with 1:1 attention along with nutrition support. This program will be designed to specific needs to the athlete. Conditioned and trained the way their specific sport is played. Individuals will set up goals after the initial assessment to be tracked and monitored throughout the 4-8 weeks. Call today for pricing and scheduling.

  • Individualized Program

  • Nutrition Support (Herbalife24)

Speed School 1:1

Ideal for athletes and non-athletes looking for specific training. Can't make it to Speed School classes or just like to grind out hard by yourself? Work with one of our coaches who will train you like a Speed School athlete on your own time.
Call today for pricing and scheduling.

Performance Recovery

As much as we like getting our athletes bigger, stronger and faster, we understand there is a risk to that reward. So what we can do for you is provide therapy and recovery. This will include PNF stretching to increase the range of motion in all joints along with muscle stimulation using COMPEX to help with muscle recovery. 
Appointments must be scheduled in advance.