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Matt Mautone

Matt Mautone is no stranger to The Speed School and we are honored to bring him on as an Associate Trainer!

His area of expertise is in football training and he has an impressive background:

- 3-Year Varsity Starter @ St. Charles North High School

- Two-Time All Conference, All American (High School)

- US Army All American Jr. Year Combine

- 2-Year Starter At McKendree University

- Two-Time All Conference & All Conference Academics

- 2-Year Varsity Starter @ Monmouth College

- Two-Time All Conference & All Conference Academics All American

- Two-Time MVP Offensive Lineman

You can see, Matt is well rounded in every offensive line position with multiple years of technical position training experiences. He has also studied Kinesiology to directly correlate the movements during sporting activities.  

“A lineman is not good by the amount of strength that he/she has— it’s the combination of mastering the mechanics and body angles with the strength to become excellent. This is obtained by proper training and muscle memory.” 

~ Matt Mautone

Examples Include:

  • First and second steps 

  • Hand placement & elbow angles 

  • Body angles for pass pro and run block  

  • Point of contact body level with correct posture 

  • Levers and mechanics   

To schedule a consultation and to get more information about Matt Mautone, please contact us at 630.524.0023 or

1st TYR

Jodey Charette

Cardio Kickboxing & Self Defense Skills

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 10.31.40 PM.png

Jodey Charette

About Jodey:

· Member and competitor of UFC veteran Keith Hackneys fight team from 2003-2009. Holding an advanced level ranking through Hackney

· Hackney’s Combat Academy assistant beginner class instructor

· Former member and fighter of Team No Ego

· ISSA certified personal trainer and fitness consultant since 2004

· MMA assistant, corner-man, and sparring partner for amateur and pro fighters

· Actively competes in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. (IBJJF)

· Jodey now trains in Traditional Gi Jujitsu at Alliance BJJ

· Former licensed security professional specializing in crowd control and night club/bar security

40 Minute Cardio Blast Training

High intensity fat melting conditioning focused on kickboxing pads/bag and fight conditioning style movements like battle ropes, kettle bells, tires, sledges etc. You WILL have fun and get great results.

Benefits Include:

Total Body  Leaning and ToningBurn Fat Fast & Increase Resting MetabolismImprove Cardio HealthGreatly Improve Flexibility, Mobility & AgilityLearn Real Defensive SkillsFantastic Core, Butt and Leg Workout HAVE FUN!

1 Hour Beginner Self Defense Training 

Focus more on defensive skills though there is still a conditioning segment involved. There are NO silly impractical moves here. This is real MMA/ Kickboxing technics and optional submission grappling moves. This is especially good for kids needing confidence and still a great workout.

CBT sessions $30 for 40min or two people for $50

Self Defense $45 for an hour or two people for $60

BOOK TODAY! Call 630.956.1152 or on Facebook @ 1st TYR Fitness