5 Goals To Embrace January 1st


New Year’s Resolutions are something we all make with good intentions to keep. We create this vision in our head that “this is going to be the year I do this” and “this is the year that I change that,” but when March rolls around most of us have pushed those resolutions to the side and revisited bad habits. 

Why is that?

Do we set our expectations too high for ourselves?

Do we layer on too many resolutions to fully commit to?

Is committing to change just something we’re not ready to do?

It could be a combination of everything, which is why it is important to make goals than resolutions. 

Resolutions are firm decisions to do or not do something.

Goals are a desired result. 

Resolutions come with the notion you’re going to immediately change your behavior, while goals come with the expectation of creating an actual plan in achieving what it is you’re setting out to do for yourself. 

For 2019, I’d like for you to establish goals to achieve this New Year. The 5 attainable goals I think all of you can accomplish are the following:


All the glory and success is truly in the middle—the gray areas of life, the daily struggles, the conversations, the small wins and losses. This is where real winning is done—when you can cut corners and quit but you don’t. We need to learn to love this area or love to hate it. Win the gray.


“It’s not what you are going through; it’s how you go through it that determines the type of person you will become.” ~Fabian Thorne


Get truly present in your life. Narrow your daily focus and de-clutter unnecessary distractions that don’t assist in rowing the boat.


Your passion is your purpose. Who are you? Your identity is reflective of the way you feel about yourself. Passion establishes your purpose. Together, thinking positively and having a great sense of self influences massive action.


You need heart and fire. Get excited and be enthusiastic. Your attitude is your heart’s reflection. Life is good if you let it be.

Over the next few months, I’m going to dig a little deeper into each one of these goals and help you develop ways in achieving them. Until then, here’s to a New Year and let’s make 2019 a great one!

 - Coach Joe Giustino

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