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Jodey Charette

Cardio Kickboxing & Self Defense Skills


About Jodey:

· Member and competitor of UFC veteran Keith Hackneys fight team from 2003-2009. Holding an advanced level ranking through Hackney

· Hackney’s Combat Academy assistant beginner class instructor

· Former member and fighter of Team No Ego

· ISSA certified personal trainer and fitness consultant since 2004

· MMA assistant, corner-man, and sparring partner for amateur and pro fighters

· Actively competes in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. (IBJJF)

· Jodey now trains in Traditional Gi Jujitsu at Alliance BJJ

· Former licensed security professional specializing in crowd control and night club/bar security

40 Minute Cardio Blast Training

High intensity fat melting conditioning focused on kickboxing pads/bag and fight conditioning style movements like battle ropes, kettle bells, tires, sledges etc. You WILL have fun and get great results.

Benefits Include:

Total Body  Leaning and ToningBurn Fat Fast & Increase Resting MetabolismImprove Cardio HealthGreatly Improve Flexibility, Mobility & AgilityLearn Real Defensive SkillsFantastic Core, Butt and Leg Workout HAVE FUN!

1 Hour Beginner Self Defense Training 

Focus more on defensive skills though there is still a conditioning segment involved. There are NO silly impractical moves here. This is real MMA/ Kickboxing technics and optional submission grappling moves. This is especially good for kids needing confidence and still a great workout.

CBT sessions $30 for 40min or two people for $50

Self Defense $45 for an hour or two people for $60

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